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The Light & Sound Healing Ministry
‘A Church Dedicated to Spiritual Healing and Lightworkers Around the World’
8456 E. Loos Drive
Prescott Valley, AZ 86314 U.S.A.
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DATE: December 19, 1998

TO: Light and Sound Healing Ministry Church Friends, Members and Clergy

RE: Church News Update

Surprise, surprise! Yes, the Light and Sound Healing Ministry is alive and well! In spite of the limited written communication we’ve had over the past year. The church has been moving forward. There’s been a lot of changes over the past year, and a lot of it has been in preparation for new things forthcoming. Let me update you on what’s been going on and our plans for the future. It’s my hope that you will want to be a part of this church’s future.

Several of us made the pilgrimage to England last March. We had a great time visiting several sacred sites, over the week of the Spring Equinox. We completed sacred ceremonies at Avebury, including a walk of the ancient stone pathways; an exhilarating toning and chanting ceremony within the ancient Kennet Barrows; and a group hike and prayer ceremony to the top of Silbury Hill. During our stay at Chalice Well (in Glastonbury), we joined the local community in a special equinox ceremony performed by our local host, Colleen Rosado, Guardian of Chalice Well. This was followed by the very personal water initiation ceremony at the well site. We walked the ancient Tor maze (in Glastonbury) and completed several sacred ceremonies and pilgrim stations along the way. We visited St. Michael’s Mount in Marazion, where we held group prayer and private meditation. Our adventure to Land’s End led us to an ancient underground cave or "fagou" and the beauty and tranquillity of Land’s End. This area of southwest England is reported by some to be the oldest remaining above ground remnant of the lost continent of Atlantis. The friendships formed and the life lessons learned and experienced will remain an important part of each traveler’s life.

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to travel to Switzerland following the England trip, where I was able to take my spiritual healing work to a new group of people. I had a particularly memorable experience on a centuries old farm site along an old traveler’s route leading over the Swiss Alps. I was asked to perform a healing ceremony and to give a blessing. The word was that the animals had been acting strangely for several weeks and there was talk about something "etheric" spooking the animals, especially the cows! We had a wonderful ceremony for the family and I’ve heard everyone is doing well, including all the cows!

I returned to California the beginning of April, ready to attend a special weekend event in Sedona, Arizona. I took the family with me on this adventure and a spiritual quest it soon became! We were diverted (guided) to the Grand Canyon, where a spiritual inspiration took hold. By the end of the weekend, we knew that we would be moving the church, the family and the practice to Arizona! From that moment on, life transitions began to occur quickly.

Truly, there was divine inspiration and help at work in our lives. Our decision to move to Arizona was a move based upon an inner ‘spiritual nudge.’ In other words, it was not because of a job transfer, or to attend college, or to follow a new job or because we were being forced to move due to some outer circumstance. It was strictly a feeling of being spiritually guided. The question was always, "would we trust that inner nudge." Lucy and I committed ourselves to the move, even though we had no idea where in Arizona we were headed! Lucy, in her persuasive way, took the next step by ordering me to pack my bags and to get over to Arizona to find the place we would be moving to! The very next day, a friend (from Switzerland) stopped by the house telling me that she was being guided to move to Arizona and would I be interested in traveling with her to check it out (coincidence?). I also received that same day an invitation to a Star Knowledge Gathering (a Native American sponsored event) planned for New Mexico the following weekend. Both of these events were part of Spirit’s support and inner guidance to get things moving for us.

I traveled to the New Mexico gathering, checking out several places in southern Arizona, along the way. On the return trip, I was first guided to Sedona, and then looked further south to Prescott Valley and vicinity. Within my first hour in Prescott Valley, I had found a location and building to purchase to establish our residence, my practice and a location for the Light and Sound Healing Ministry. Upon my return to California, I had a purchase offer on our California home with a proposed three week closing! We were packed and ready to move by the end of June. This was a big move for us, as we moved the family, our business and the church!

As many of you know, prior to our departure for Arizona, we had one particularly wonderful Light and Sound Church event at our home. This was our meeting and potluck with Grandmother Windrider, a Native American Elder of Mayan and Aztec descent. She shared with us her knowledge, stories and thoughts about our collective future and upcoming earth changes. If Grandmother’s sharing wasn’t enough, we had an incredible surprise and experience that same morning, when about eight Tibetan Monks knocked at the front door! They humbly marched in one by one, sat down in a circle and began their ancient healing prayers and chants! For me, this was like a dream come true, as I had been listening for months to these chants on CD. I’d been hoping for a day when I’d get to personally listen to these chants. Here they were sitting in my home chanting and singing in their incredible style! Later; I got to play the Peruvian Andes mountain whistles with them. Well the sound and the inner lights were something else! There’s much more behind this whole story, but it was a great day for all!

It took us a month to get our new building in Prescott Valley ready for use. I opened my practice in August. We decided that we would begin Light and Sound church services, once the practice was well on its way. Well, Spirit had other plans. The first patient through the door got us talking about the Light and Sound Healing Ministry and our move to Arizona. She asked us when we were going to hold church meetings and we told her we planned to hold them Sunday mornings at 10 00 am. She promptly told me she’d be there on Sunday with friends! And so Spirit had other ideas about how quickly the Light and Sound Healing Ministry should get started in our new community. Since that date in August, we have held service virtually every weekend, with our group continuing to grow.

Now for some of the new information. I finished a new church brochure a couple months back. I’ve enclosed one with this letter. In my work and family life, I move fast to accomplish tasks. It still amazes me that it took me over a year to put a church brochure together! BUT, I feel very much in tune with the spiritual guides working with me (as pertain to this church) and they have guided me to take my time and to move slowly in establishing church policy. They assure me that this will save time in the long run and that things in this church are being established for the long term.

Beginning in February 1999, the church will begin an advertising campaign through selected magazines. The purpose of this campaign will be to bring together spiritual healers and people of like mind and interest. A new training program will also be in place for those desiring to become ministers within the clergy of the Light and Sound Healing Ministry. This will be primarily an at-home study course of one year duration. The course will consist of readings and tapes (audiotape and perhaps video).

Likewise, there is a greater message that we will be bringing out through this Church. This is a healing ministry. Healing is a direct result of greater balance in one’s life. This greater balance is found through increased knowledge and wisdom of spiritual principle and as a result of learning from life experiences. I am receiving more and more pieces of the Great Puzzle we call life, as it pertains to my personal spiritual mission with regard to the Light and Sound Healing Ministry. It’s an ongoing story. I have begun to record this story. Every Sunday, we are recording the service.

I believe these audiotapes will become the basis of a book carrying information that you may find useful in your life. I couldn’t even begin to start writing it here, but it has relevance to all of the changes taking place at this time on the planet that will continue to unfold. I can only say that this is an integral part of my mission and purpose on this planet. I believe that each of you has a role to play in all of this, should you wish to do so!

I am making these Sunday morning tapes available to members of the church. I have sent tapes out to a few members, but would like to make them available to all. If you are interested in beginning with this series of tapes, please let me know. While I wish I could send them to everyone interested free of charge, its an expense that neither I personally nor the church can afford. Lucy and I have supported this church primarily with personal funds and there have been a few members who have graciously offered intermittent financial support. At this time, however, I must ask for a donation, if you wish to receive the audiotapes. We are asking for a minimum donation of $5/week, $15/month or $120 year. These tapes will be required of those that wish to become ministers of the Light and Sound Healing Ministry.

As of today, it appears that the Light and Sound Healing Ministry will be co-sponsoring a special ministry conference in Sedona, Arizona in May 1999. We will be joining the Madonna Ministry (formerly the Church of the Pines) for a special weekend of courses covering many spiritual and healing topics. As I have mentioned several times (even in the new church brochure), a key message for our time is to be found in Revelation 3:22. "He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches." May is a great time of year to visit Sedona and everyone is assured a spiritually uplifting weekend. More will follow about this event.

I would also like to share some words of wisdom that may be useful to you now and in the coming months. This information comes from the book, "The Hopi Survival Kit," but I have heard much of this information from a Hopi prophecy holder, as well as from my own investigation and study. It even relates to the Y2K issue that is now being brought out to the general public.

Here are the six instructions given, as a summary, for aligning with the Hopi (Indians) in surviving the coming earth changes, as we join them aboard the Spiritual Ark. As you may or may not know, the Hopi believe they are (as a nation) a microcosm of the planet. What happens to the Hopi, is what will happen to the planet. They have carried their prophecy for centuries and say that we are in very challenging times. Here is part of their message and suggestions:

1 ) "Make your own Covenant with Maasaw." My interpretation: Recommit to your spiritual path, your relationship with the Divine. A key here is the Hopi word ‘’Maasaw" which is very close to the Hebrew word "Ma’aseh" (The Divine). In Jewish mysticism this word is connected to the word, "Merkabah" to create "Ma’aseh Merkabah" or "The Act of the Divine Chariot." The Covenant also relates to ancient Jewish history and there are many deep secrets held here through these word connections and codes. We are in a time of transition, Divine Transition/Transmutation.

2 ) "Live simply, as Maasaw himself lives." My interpretation: The Divine practices good earth stewardship. Making the best use of resources is important and simplifying one’s life leaves more time to focus on what is important. More focus on ‘ work at living" instead of "living at work." Simplicity is now the name of the game.

3 ) "Practice Self-denial." My interpretation: Do you need that new and bigger TV set? Or car? Or house? Or jacket? Do you get my point? Most of us have all that we need already (and probably more than we need). Question your motives and need several times before you move into something like a purchase, especially a big one! Practice cash purchases. If you use a credit card, write a check out for the purchase immediately and put it aside for when the bill comes.

4 ) "Practice Self-sufficiency," My interpretation: Many of us are too reliant upon others (including the government) for our survival, especially in a time of real emergency. What happens if others aren’t there to help or can’t help you for some reason? It just makes common sense to prepare for that day that could come, when your own preparation is key to survival. Do you have extra water, food, and other basic supplies ready for an emergency? Could you start a garden and grow some of your food? Do you have any items that could be traded? What would you do if you found empty food shelves at the local grocery store? How long could you last without assistance from others?

5) "Change your priorities." My interpretation: Why did you come to this planet? Are you 100% in your purpose and mission? Have you stopped to look at your personal road map to see where you are? Are you still headed in the direction you want to go? Get your life focused on the basics. Get focused to what’s most important in your life and do it NOW!

6 ) "Recognize that it is the Creator’s wish to rescue us, and that, together with the Hopi we can rescue the world." My Interpretation: God is Truth, Love and Life. There are no accidents in this world and all is in place according to the Divine Will. We have free will, so we can exercise it. Love is attracted to love, no matter the religion, race or creed. If you love God, then you love the Hopi and we can join them in our collective and conscious efforts to be here now in God’s love. The power of our word and thought is incredible!

These are extraordinary times on the planet! Every moment of every day we are creating our individual and collective future through our thoughts, words and actions. As Christ said, "Man does not live by bread along but by every word that proceedeth from his mouth." There are many scenarios being expressed about the planet’s future and are even at this moment beginning to be played out. This is the time for every one of us to take time to reflect on our personal alignments with the greater spiritual forces of the Universe. Pay even more attention to the intent of your words. The "power of the Word," (of your word) are shaping your future and contributing collectively to the future of this planet.

I wish you all a very happy holiday season and a healthy and prosperous 1999.

With love and light,




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