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The Light & Sound Healing Ministry
‘A Church Dedicated to Spiritual Healing & Lightworkers Around the World’
8456 E. Loos Drive, Prescott Valley, AZ 86314 U.S.A.
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DATE: April 22, 1999

TO: Light and Sound Healing Ministry Church Friends, Members and Clergy

RE: Church News Update

A big "hello" to each of you. Once again I have the opportunity to update you on activities of our growing ministry. There’s lots to share with you.

We continue to have our weekly Sunday service in Prescott Valley. Attendance varies and we are working to bring in more guest speakers. We have audio taped almost every service and we’ve received some very positive feedback from those that are subscribing to the tape series. The biggest Sunday service turnout was for Woableza, a Lakota/Dakota Sioux Medicine Man, Story Teller and Prophecy Holder. He spoke from the Native American perspective on the creation, earth history and gave us a glimpse of transitions now happening on the earth and what to expect.

From our Arizona location, we continue to promote the Light and Sound Healing Ministry (LSHM) to healers and lightworkers around the world through selected magazines. Currently, you can find ads in: The Sedona Journal of Emergence, Atlantis Rising and The New Age Journal. We have distributed church brochures and literature at various conferences and events, with the help of several church members. If you have need of church brochures, please contact us. As a reminder to all, one of our organizational goals is to provide a network for healers to share and connect with one another. This has to come about by members passing the word about this ministry to others and by getting personally involved.

We continue to refine and promote our preordination home study course. This course is designed to help prepare Light and Sound Healing Ministry members for taking a more active part in their personal ministries in coordination with the LSHM. Those completing the course may seek formal ordination. The ordination ceremony recognizes the new cleric as a, "Minister, Spiritual Healer and Messenger of the Light and Sound." This level of service requires an additional commitment of time, effort and resources. I would encourage all church members to consider taking this course, as the step toward formal ordination.

As many of you know, I see this ministry as having a special calling. We are in the midst of an incredible time of change upon this planet and a calling has gone forth to seek those ready to work in alignment with the Spiritual Hierarchy in bringing forth healing and increased light to our planet and humankind. We are each being called to step forward into our greater spiritual mission and purpose -- to take our rightful place within the Great Work, according to our individual talents and skills. Generally, within this ministry, that means one has an interest in working within the (spiritual) healing arts.

In the New Testament, just before the ascension of our elder brother Jesus, he taught to those listening, "... Go ye into all the world, and preach the Gospel to every creature. (Mark 16:18)" The Gospel is your message of Truth, Love, and Life shared through the Light and Sound of God - your voice, your WORD. This doesn’t mean become a Bible thumper! The Gospel is YOUR TRUTH! What do YOU have to share with the world through your personal ministry? Christ shared his ministry - his truth, love and life with the world. He was a light shower, a light giver, a light to the world -- perhaps he was the greatest of lightworkers we have yet to know.

In Mark 4:23, it says, "And Jesus went about all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, and preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing all manner of sickness and all manner of disease among the people." He went forth sharing the Great Message about the Great Plan and served as a vehicle for Spirit and great healings took place. The great Nazarene always made a point of saying (John 14:10), "... I speak not of myself: but the Father that dwelleth in me, he doeth the works." We are but the vehicles for Spirit and the expression of the God Within. We are all one. We are all part of that Original Source - the essence of the Creator. The One called the Christ, recognized his God-Self and did all that he could to let others know of their Greater Self and how each was loved by the Supreme Source. He taught us to recognize our true nature, as spiritual beings and admonished us to get on with the work of increasing the Light of God on this earth, as it is in heaven. And he told us (John 14:12), "Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me [notice he didn’t say "in me"], the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do..."

We each have an important part to play in the Divine Plan. Have you awakened to your important part? Are you co-creating your role in the plan? Are you doing your part to share the Gospel of your life -- your experience with the Light and Sound of God? Are you ready to go forth with your mission? Each of us is unique and nobody else has your perspective on life. No one can know your piece of the Great Puzzle without your sharing your piece ! Get into your God-Self and be about your Father’s business!

To return to the topic of those interested in becoming a part of this ministry’s clergy, I refer to J.J. Hurtak and his inspired book, "The Book of Knowledge: THE KEYS OF ENOCH." He uses the words Messenger and Minister as synonyms and defines them, in part, as, "The vehicle for the Holy Spirit Shekinah. To be a "messenger of Light" is to share in the public ministry and to be ordained by the Spirit of YHVH (Ye-ho-vah) [Godl with the authority to teach and preach. Enoch said, "The Messenger is the basic Pillar and Witness to the Kingdom of God, preparing the way for the Hosts of Je-ho-vah." [Jehovah is but one manifestation of Ain Sof, the indescribable unknowable source of all sources. In other words, God manifesting itself through more manageable forms that we can more closely relate with.] The messenger is the cornerstone of the field ministry, preparing the different vibratory levels of God’s people for the great quickening and deliverance that will come with the B’nai Or [Sons of Light].

We are the Children of Light! At this special time on planet earth, two lines from the "Great Invocation" resonate and call to all lightworkers:

From the center that we call the Race of Men

Let the Plan of Love and Light work out.

We are still working with the Madonna Ministry, as participants in the Divine Mother’s Gathering in Sedona, Arizona set for May 21-23, 1999. The itinerary seems to be in constant flux, but there are many guest speakers and events planned for this three day event. I continue to encourage you to attend this special event that will also offer members of this ministry our first opportunity to get together as a group. We’ve included a brochure on the conference with this newsletter. I will serve as the master of ceremonies for the conference and LSHM members are helping with on site registration. I will also be speaking at the conference on ‘spirit releasement.’

The LSHM continues to co-sponsor spiritual healing training courses. We recently completed two courses on "BioEnergetic Healing Techniques" here in Prescott Valley. We have several other courses on line for the rest of 1999 and are including information on these courses with this newsletter. The next training dates are June 10-13, 1999 and we invite you to consider this training. For further information on these and other courses, please call us.

I am very happy to announce that steps have been taken to once again co-sponsor three (3) spiritual journeys and sacred site tours to England in the year 2000, and possibly another in late 1999. In early May, I will be in England for 10 days in order to work out travel details. These 11 day pilgrimages are purposely kept small (12 or less on each trip), and are designed to help each spiritual pilgrim to reconnect with their spiritual history, earth healing energies and one’s personal ‘Holy Grail.’ We will visit such sacred sites as, Stonehenge (with inner circle access at dawn); Avebury; Silbury Hill, the Sanctuary; Glastonbury’s Ancient Abbey; the Tor; Chalice Well; St. Michael’s Mount and several sites in Cornwall located along the Michael and Mary Ley Lines. For more information, contact the church. We will send brochures to all church members, when final details are completed and the brochures are finalized. Now is the time to begin preparing to make one of these trips!

George Trevelyan, the great visionary, considered by many to be the father of the New Age, wrote in his 1981 prophetic book, "Operation Redemption, Visions of Hope in an Age of Turmoil, "...there is great need for the revival of the pilgrimage impulse, and this becomes possible through the spread of spiritual knowledge and understanding." Further he expounds, "The angelic forces could use all our power points and light centers, if we can but do our essential task of preparation. What is needed is a veritable structure of prayer, invocation, pilgrimage, and conscious linking by projected thought." Trevelyan goes on to encourage us, "...there are many indications that the activating of the Network of Light Centers is an imperative requirement from the higher sources and that it is part of the Plan. LET LIGHT AND LOVE AND POWER RESTORE THE PLAN ON EARTH."

The Light and Sound Healing Ministry is a part of this Plan. If you are already a LSHM member, it was by personal choice. You voluntarily joined us and yet I also believe you were chosen! If you are considering church membership and/or taking steps to ordination, I encourage you to take action and join with us and the Great Mission.

Finally, I wish to thank those of you that have supported this ministry with your words of support, works and/or financial contributions. They are very much appreciated. For those of you still standing on the fence, waiting before making further commitment, I remind you of the important spiritual principle found in the words, "As ye give, so shall ye receive." I send blessings of love and light to you all.

Peace be with you...


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