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What is spiritual healing? What is a Lightworker? Our healing circles and requests for spiritual healing.


Dr. Tony "Soaring Eagle" Mulberg, Spiritual Healer

As stated in the Light and Sound Healing Ministry Mission Statement, this church is, "dedicated to spiritual healing and lightworkers around the world." But, what is spiritual healing? What is a lightworker? Let me share my thoughts on these subjects.

We begin with a premise that all healing is Divinely inspired. Healing in all its forms is in essence, a "byproduct" of the successful application of knowledge to one's life! This we can call, "wisdom." Life can be thought of as a school designed to teach and guide us toward recognition and realization of our Divine Nature. Healing -- in all areas of our lives -- can be thought of as the natural outcome of our resolution of our life lessons. The wisdom of our life decisions is reflected in our states of health and awareness. When you are wise in your actions, you bring greater balance to your life. This ever increasing balance allows for healing to occur. So healing can be thought of as the presence of an ever greater balance in one's life, as a result of learning wisdom in one's daily life activities. God is the Divine Source for all knowledge and wisdom. The Divine has created no victims! Always remember, no matter your degree of dis-ease, ignorance or illness, you can influence your return to health and know that there is no limit to the healing power, love and wisdom of the Divine!

All life is interconnected. We are all one. Just as each individual cell of the body is important to the survival of the whole body, we as Divinely created humans are important to the health and welfare of the entire human race race as a whole. Spiritual healing can be summarized as, "that multi-dimensional healing that occurs though karma-less, non-manipulating, but intentional cooperation with the Divine Source, with or without invocation of intermediaries (such as Angels or Spiritual Guides) and with conscious recognition of our planet's unity and oneness." Spiritual healers focus on becoming clear vehicles or "channels" for the Holy Spirit, the Divine Essence, the Love of God, the Universal Healing Power, the Force, thereby allowing their consciousness to flow toward the individual requesting help or healing.

Our healing circles are composed of individual spiritual healers working from the viewpoint that their assistance is offered with a trusting and faithful expectation that if the healing requested is for the highest good of the individual and the whole, then it must come to pass! Spiritual healers have no expectation for personal reward for their efforts, other than to honor God for the conscious opportunity to express their love for the Divine though such service to their fellow human beings. This is a powerful level of service for those choosing to move toward such mastership. All spiritual healing is performed in a state of inner peace and in alignment with the spiritual principle, "The Divine Will be done" made manifest through the spiritual hierarchy -- of which each of us, is an important member!

Ancient Essene knowledge about healing and health practices leads us to an understanding that as we spiritually unfold and begin to balance and purify our lives in body, mind and spirit, we are also increasingly capable of channeling greater amounts of spiritual energy, light and love through our physical bodies. Our spiritual expansion of awareness allows for an ever greater flow of love emanating from the Divine to move through us. The clearer we are, as a vehicle for Spirit, the easier it is for the Heavenly Hosts to minister to all life on the physical and other dimensions. We then see the greater purpose and benefits resulting from our purification process -- the ever unfolding conscious lighworkers that we are. Through our increasingly evolved states of consciousness, we become ever greater distributors of the Spirit moving through us, thereby expressing ever greater healing influence toward those brothers and sisters seeking the assistance of the Divine.

The Heavenly Hosts, such as Angels, thus co-work through their human hosts to bring greater Truth, Love, Life, Light and understanding into the physical realms. Perhaps, we may say that one reason that Jesus, the great Essene Master, Teacher, and Healer, was so effective, as a healer, was in part due to his immense purity, love and light. This purity provided a means for the Heavenly Hosts -- Messengers of the Divine -- the Angels, to work through him, sharing their spiritual healing gifts with mankind. Through a pure spiritual vehicle, such as Jesus, their spiritual work could be performed unhindered allowing for great success in helping to bring health and wellness to the sick and possessed.

The Great Master Teacher Jesus has told us that we shall do all that he does and more! This is our Divine Inheritance. All confirmed members of the Light and Sound Healing Ministry are recognized as, "spiritual healers," even if their healing work is but self-directed. We are each blessed and empowered with the natural ability to heal and we can all share our good-will and Divine Healing Light with others. Perhaps this is an area of special interest to you! If you would like to know more about church membership, click here. If you would like to request the help of our Light and Sound Healing Ministry "spiritual healers," then send us an e-mail with your name and indicate that you are requesting spiritual healing help. There is no charge for this service and all help is given with love and without expectation of return. However, should you wish to send a donation to this ministry, to assist in further sharing of our healing ministry efforts, it would be gratefully accepted.

The Light and Sound Healing Ministry, a non-secular religious organization "dedicated to spiritual healers and lightworkers around the world."