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The Light & Sound Healing Ministry and Center

‘A Church Dedicated to Spiritual Healing & Lightworkers Around the World’

Dr. Tony Mulberg, Director
8456 E. Loos Drive
Prescott Valley, AZ 86314 U.S.A.
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DATE February 8, 1999 (Updated September 16, 2000)

TO: Light & Sound Healing Ministry Members; Prospective Members; and Potential Candidates Seeking Clergy Ordination

FROM: Tony Mulberg, Spiritual Director

RE: Pre-Clergy Course Outline and Steps to Ordination

It is with great pleasure that I provide you with information about our course of study leading to clergy ordination into the Light and Sound Healing Ministry. Completion of the steps to ordination are designed to enhance your natural healing abilities; to help prepare you for the many forthcoming earth changes and spiritual opportunities; and to assist in preparing you to complete your spiritual mission of healing service to others via body, mind and spirit. Ordination is also an important step to leadership within this ministry and provides ordained clergy members greater opportunities to serve in or start their own congregations.

Our planet is going through great transition, as we approach the new millennium. Everywhere we turn, we hear predictions and prophecy about our future. Where is the truth to be found amongst all of the rhetoric? The message is clear - we must go to that Temple Within, to meet and know the God within. We must learn to discern the Divine Truth by listening to that Still Small Voice Within. This is the Message of the Voice of the Divine - manifesting as the Light and Sound of God!

Please review the following course outline and proposed plan of study. Please understand that course changes or adjustments are likely to be made during the year, as additional guidance is provided and the direction of the Light and Sound Healing Ministry unfolds. If you have any questions, please call me directly and toll-free at (877) 946-2455.

With Light and Love,


Tony Mulberg, Spiritual Director


1. A candidate for ordination must be a member of the Light and Sound Healing Ministry (LSHM) in good standing for at least one year.

2. Candidates must successfully complete the LSHM Clergy Candidate study course, (which includes a requirement that you maintain an annual subscription to the weekly LSHM Sunday services audiotape program).

3. Candidates must complete the request for ordination application form and agreement.

4. Each candidate must complete a personal interview with the LSHM Spiritual Director prior to the actual ordination ceremony.

5. Each candidate must receive the LSHM Ordination and Blessing administered by an authorized Church Clergy.


PURPOSE: The purpose of this course is to prepare spiritually minded Light and Sound Healing Ministry Church members to serve in a formal church capacity as "Ministers, Spiritual Healers and Messengers" of the this Ministry, consistent with Church beliefs and practices as outlined in the official LSHM brochure.

DURATION: This course of study is designed to be completed in approximately one-year, but may be adjusted with mutual agreement between the student and the appropriate church official (e.g., Spiritual Director).

1. All ordination candidates must subscribe to the ongoing tape recorded church services coming from the LSHM headquarters in Prescott Valley, Arizona. (NOTE: There is a requested $120/year minimum donation (increased to $150/year for the 11/1/1999-10/31/2000 subscription year) to cover the cost of these audiotapes and their mailing). The candidate must write a short letter to the Church Spiritual Director commenting on the content of each week’s tape.

2. Each candidate will select a minimum of eight (8) readings from the attached required reading list to be read over the following year. A brief summary of the candidate’s response to each reading is requested (in writing or on audiotape).

3. You are encouraged to spend a minimum of 30 minutes in daily meditation, contemplation, prayer and/or other personal spiritual practice directed at strengthening your inner connection with the Divine Healing Presence found within the Inner Temple. A specific guided meditation will be provided each candidate, but each is free to use other techniques according to their inner guidance.

4. You will be requested to demonstrate familiarity with the history and formation of the LSHM, Confirmation, Consecration, Healing, Blessing and other ceremonies as administered by LSHM clergy.

5. Candidates will be required to demonstrate and explain the premise and practice of at least one spiritual healing technique.

6. Candidates must complete homework assignments related to the monthly lessons sent to the candidate (via letter, audiotape and/or videotape).



1. _____ "The Holy Bible" King James Version.

2. _____ "The Book of Mormon" to include the "Doctrine and Covenants," and "Pearl of Great Price."

3. _____ "The Essenes... From Enoch to the Dead Sea Scolls" by Edmund Bordeaux Szekely.

4. _____ "The Seven Beloved Archangels Speak" by Thomas Printz.

5. _____ "The Tiger’s Fang" by Paul Twitchell.

6. _____ "Path of the KABBALAH" by David Sheinkin, M.D.

7. _____ "The Book of Knowledge, The Keys of Enoch" by J.J. Hurtak, Ph.D.

8. _____ "Heal Thyself, an explanation of the real cause and cure of disease" by Edward Bach, M.B., B.S., D.P.H.

9. _____ "Heal Thyself, The Way to Healing Through Spirit" by White Eagle.

10. _____ "The Path of the Soul, The Great Initiations of Every Man" by White Eagle.

11. _____ "The Ancient Mystical White Brotherhood" by Frater Achad.

12. _____ "Melchizedek Truth Principles" by Frater Achad.

13. _____ "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy.

14. _____ "Man’s Eternal Quest" by Paramahansa Yogananda.

15. _____ "The HOPI Survival Kit" by Thomas E. Mails.

NOTE: If there are other books you feel are particularly important to you and you wish to read these in lieu of the aforementioned books, you may replace up to two (2).

Please write your new personal choices in the space below.

Proposed Replacement Books:

a. ____________________________________________________________________


b. ____________________________________________________________________



I,_________________________________ request to be accepted into the Light and Sound Healing Ministry, Clergy Ordination Training Program which leads to ordination as a "Minister, Spiritual Healer and Messenger" of this Ministry. I will follow and live high spiritual ethics, while meeting the aforementioned preordination course of study requirements. I agree to devote the necessary time and due diligence needed to honor and complete the work requirements, as outlined above and including meeting the audiotape subscription requirements and reports. I understand that completion of the required course work is but one condition of actual Clergy Ordination. I agree to abide by all formal church policies with regard to the promotion and activities of this Ministry. I further understand there is a minimum requested donation of $300 for this course, which may be paid at one time; in monthly donations; or in another manner with mutual agreement.


Agreed to this date _______________________ by


(Candidate Signature)


Approved by______________________________ Date: ______________________
(Church Spiritual Director)


Please sign the original and return it to the Light and Sound Healing Ministry, keeping a copy for your personal file.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you have any specific special needs or areas of interest with regard to your preparation for ordination, please feel free to discuss them below.



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